GP Enterprises

Innovation Solutions

Leading companies know what they're good at and how that creates value. GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. is one of those leading companies. The markets we serve understand our unique capabilities, and have earned us the right to win with them in the marketplaces we serve.

GP Enterprises Co., Ltd is focused. For example, we know that multi-channel shopping behavior—a consumer's usage of more than one channel all or most of the time somewhere in the shopping process—can make or break a retailer. That's why our innovations support the path to purchase for our marketing partners.

Technology. GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. offers our retail partners comprehensive access to support information via the latest technology, including drawings, installation videos, specifi cations and more. In our partnerships, information is exchanged on a regular basis, thus increasing the likelihood of developing new insights and new knowledge for mutual benefit.

Availability. GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. is committed to having products when required. Our efficient use of resources and encouragement of active cooperation across our channel's partners is one of the primary reasons we are a preferred vendor.

Experience. GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. offers experience that helps our retailer partners. Although retailers have access to their own data, that's just it: it is their own. GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. sees a bigger picture, and can deliver an additional perspective, which often results in new practices that retailers might incorporate (or at least consider). This includes advising on-shelf space, marketing and advertising assistance, inventory tracking, market research and more.

With our 360,000 sq. ft. plant and innovation center located in Suzhou, China, GP Enterprises Co., Ltd maintains the strongest commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality control in the industry to our customers. Our products are ISO 9001 and C-TPAT certifi ed and compliant with SER and QSA. In addition, GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. Offers:

  • 24 Engineers on Staff (including PhDs, and MEs)
  • 56 Patents
  • 86 Provisional Patents
  • 30 New Products Developed Annually
  • 6 to 9 Months to Market
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