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OEM. GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. supports OEMs by helping them gain control over the end quality and reliability of what they offer their own customers. Quality and reliability are at the center of competing in the marketplace and critical to a company's reputation and profi tability. By working with GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. products, a company can ensure better performance, longer life and compliance.

In addition, working with GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. helps control costs. Utilizing our products helps produce equipment to meet stringent quality tests down the line, minimizing costly delays or reworks.

Retail (Private Label). Consumer research suggests in North America, U.S. consumers are making big changes in their shopping. This has been extended even beyond the economic troubles the world faced in 2009-2011. In fact, the market share for private label products in the U.S. increased in nearly three out of four product categories. Moreover, private label in the U.S. now accounts for more than 20 percent of grocery store sales and 18 percent of superstore sales.

GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. understands this and offers one of the strongest private label programs for retailers with our products. The profi tability that private labeling generates helps drive more consolidation for the retailer – and the chains with strong private label programs have generally been the most successful consolidators. In fact, analysis shown that a strong private label program can double profi ts for the leaders, giving them the resources to make acquisitions.

AquaPro Brand. GP Enterprises Co., Ltd manufacturers the AquaPro™ line of pumps. No other brand of water pump offers more than AquaPro™!

  • Pumps that deliver quiet operation, smooth performance while providing the ultimate in durability and reliability
  • Automatic on/off motors designed to prevent motor burn out
  • Seals designed to provide dual protection against water leakage into the motor, while ensuring wear resistance
  • Thermal overload protection on motors
  • Products that are designed for continuous duty